The Boots Delay Device

by Arnau

Just a quick post to mention a new premature ejaculation treatment! And it’s a fully natural, quite innovative one!

It’s called the ‘Delay Device’ and is supplied by Boots Pharmaceuticals in the UK.

The thing that caught my eye is that Boots claim “Last on average 11 times longer after just 6 weeks of use.”

That’s even longer than Priligy claims!

How does the Delay Device work?

The device is a battery operated vibrator. The vibration is used for desensitisation: it works on the head of the penis to make it less sensitive during sex. The idea is to reduce the sensitivity of the penis to stimulation over time. Mastering will lead to greater control when having actual sex.

The Delay Device to be used with a 6 week training program – supplied with the device. The program requires 3 sesssions per week. This is quite a selling point, I think, because many PE products are not supplied with a proper program. Having a guide will drastically enhance the success of the treatment.

Boots claim:

Last on average 11 times longer after just 6 weeks of use.

It was developed by a psychiatrist from the United Kingdom – Doctor Zamar – who presented the results of the product trials at a conference in June 2011.

Another interesting fact is that the Doctor also recommends using his device with SSRIs like dapoxetine in some cases, because this increases the effectiveness of the training. To use the words of the press release:

As the Delay Device may take several weeks for the maximum effect, men can use local anaesthetics or SSRIs drugs to obtain an immediate or same day effect, whilst starting training with the Delay Device to deliver longer-term improvements in duration, hence reducing reliance on these more short-term solutions.

You can read a full press release about it here.

It’s currently available through Boots stores and for delivery.

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