Priligy – Just the Facts

by Arnau

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Quick Facts on Priligy

Priligy (Dapoxetine) from Janssen-Cilag is currently the most effective drug available for treating premature ejaculation.

Dapoxetine has been a widespread, and pretty successful treatment for a number of years now. It has been widely tested in labs and by real men, “out in the field” 🙂

Priligy is a single tablet, which is taken 1-3 hours before sex. It is a short-acting SSRI, which means  it lasts enough time to help prolong sex but does not last TOO long!

In trials, Dapoxetine was proven to make men last 3 to 5 times longer, but a lot of men have reported lasting even longer, due to the confidence boost they got from taking Priligy. Plus, it does not negatively affect your libido, like previous drugs.

It is currently legally available for purchase in pharmacies in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom (since April 2010)
  • New Zealand (since Feb 2010)
  • Finland (since Feb 2009)
  • Sweden (since Feb 2009)
  • Singapore (since March 2011)
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

In the USA, Dapoxetine has been through three stages of clinical trials done by Johnson & Johnson, and is in the final stages of clinical testing by the FDA. It has been awaiting approval from the FDA for years, but it is looking like it might be available soon. This is because of the success it has seen in other countries.

How Does Priligy Work?

Priligy is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), as I said. Other SSRI’s are known as anti-depressants. They stimulate serotonin production in your body so that you have more serotonin available in your nerve synapses (connecting cells.)

It is believed that low levels of serotonin causes premature ejaculation, so the idea is that Priligy boosts serotonin levels, thus making it easier to prolong ejaculation.

Do I Recommend Priligy?

As I’ve said before, Priligy is the best solution when you need a ‘kick in the butt’ to start getting over your premature ejaculation problem.

It can help you build your confidence and get over that hump by showing you that it IS possible to last longer in bed.

It is especially useful for men that last only 1-2 minutes or less.

Once you have your confidence back, you can work on using other natural techniques to prolong your sex even more. See the rest of my site for details on natural (and cheaper) methods.

So Priligy is definitely worth a try, especially at the prices available online (read more below…)

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Priligy Product Verification

Here’s a quick tip for you if you have bought Priligy from a pharmacy, or online, and you want to check it’s real.

You can go here to check. Just enter the number from the label on the box.

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What About Dapoxetine?

If Priligy is too expensive, then you may also be interested generic Dapoxetine. Generic dapoxetine is the exact same substance as Priligy and is totally safe. Just like with antibiotics, you may prefer branded or generic medicines. Dapoxetine is no different. See here for my full page on generic dapoxetine.

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