How to Buy Genuine Priligy Online

When I started this site, I never intended it to be about medications or drugs. If you have read my other articles about premature ejaculation, you will know that I recommend treatment via low cost or free options, which generally involve retraining your body/mind.

So I still feel that way, but… I get so many emails from men who want to buy generic dapoxetine/Priligy and don’t know how to go about it. So I have to give you guys what you ask for!

While researching my articles I came across a lot of websites which advertise Priligy, so over time I have found the best places to get it. These are the sites which stick around, month after month. And have realistic prices.

Where to Buy Priligy

Priligy box - genuine premature ejaculation treatment Typical Priligy packaging

By the way, you might think you have to buy brand name Priligy from your local clinic or drugstore. This is actually not the case at all.

I am not sure about other countries, such as Finland, or Singapore, but buying online is the most popular way to buy Priligy.

In the UK, for example, Priligy is not yet licensed for sale. So you won’t find it in any offline Chemist (Boots, Lloyds, etc.) Yes! You cannot buy it from a high street pharmacy.

The Process to Purchase Priligy Online

The steps to buy Priligy are simple, but worth mentioning to make things clear.

If you find any online pharmacy which tries to charge you for the consultation, leave there immediately!

The short version:

  1. Find Priligy online
  2. Choose the dose and amount you want
  3. Register with the online clinic
  4. Complete the free online consultation (provide basic medical history)
  5. When the doctor has verified your medical history is OK with regard to taking Priligy, the online clinic will ship your package.
  6. Payment only occurs after your medical history has been verified

The long version:

A doctor can prescribe it to you in their clinic, but then you need to buy it online. The other popular way is to get an online consultation from a doctor, who is an expert in Sexual Health. If you are deemed suitable for the treatment, you can order online, and the Priligy will be sent to you (in a discreet brown paper bag, of course.) Lloyds are one major pharmacy that has set up an online consultation service. Unfortunately their prices are quite high.

Buying Priligy Online Safely

When buying medications online, it’s important to buy from a reputable company, which money back guarantees, and with prices that are real.

Unfortunately there are a lot of websites which offer pills for very low prices, with no intention of doing anything but keeping the money. They set up the sites for a few months,  and then disappear.

This is bad, because it gives the many real online pharmacies a bad name.

Anyway, before listing an online pharmacy as recommended I have contacted each of them. I have verified that they are real companies, with proper customer support.

Once such example is Euroclinix, which is able to supply genuine Priligy to many countries. You simply need to get a free online consultation from one of their trained doctors, and then your order is shipped.

If you are in the UK, and would prefer to order from there, I can recommend They are located in London, and provide free next day Royal Mail shipping.

Current Recommended Online Pharmacies for Priligy

NameWebsiteLocationFree ShippingOnline ChatCustomer Service HotlinePriligy Page
Ships to: Europe
EuroClinixwww.euroclinix.netBased in UK, also in Belgium, Italy, Poland, NL and othersYes: UK, next/same day
Europe/Worldwide, 3-5 days
YesYes, 7am-11pm Mon-Fri & 9am-6pm WeekendsContinue >>
Ships to: UK/Europe
OnlineClinic, UKYes: UK (Royal Mail), next/same day
Europe/Worldwide (UPS), 1-2 days
YesYes, 6am-11pm Mon-Fri & 8am-5pm WeekendsContinue >>

I’m working on updating this list as I encounter verified online pharmacies to this website, but in the meantime…

If you have any other questions about where to buy genuine Priligy online (or generic dapoxetine) please contact me here.

Before you buy Priligy, please, please check the list of contraindications. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. You can also verify your Priligy purchase once you have the box – see verification instructions here. Lastly, this article (and all articles on this blog) are meant for entertainment purposes only. I am not providing medical advice here.