A Warning about AMI Australia Premature Ejaculation Treatment (and similar companies)

by Arnau

AMI Australia Billboard

AMI Australia Billboard

You might have heard about AMI (I’m not going to link to them as their main website is gone, but I have included some of their ads.) If you live in Australia, you definitely would have. These guys were known for controversial ads and billboards. Over the course of the last few years, they had constant trouble with the market regulation authorities in Australia, over their business practices.

Late 2010 they went into voluntary administration (bankruptcy) and are under investigation for unpaid amounts to their employees. Amazingly they are STILL advertising on Google search, taking new clients onboard their sinking ship. Their whole business model revolves around signing men up to long treatment regimes, on the promise of a money back guarantee.

The catch? You have to finish the treatment program, and THEN apply for the refund. But what’s the last stage of treatment? Injections into your penis!! Ah yes, they saved the ‘best’ til last. I ask you: when you have already lost faith in the treatment, who is going to choose THAT over a few thousand $$$. Your penis is priceless!

Now the Aussie consumer watchdog (ACCC) is taking them to court to stop them trading from July 20, 2011. This is on the basis that they are falsely promising clients the full course of treatment, even though they are fully aware  that they will not be able to provide said treatment, due to their financial problems.

I don’t have many readers from Australia – so, who cares? Actually, these types of companies exist all over the world.

My point is this:


An AMI website banner ad

Be very wary of premature ejaculation treatments which cost more than a couple of hundred dollars. Methods such as: hypnotism, mind control, and even the brand name drug Priligy do not cost more than this.

Dishonest people and companies often prey on health conditions which are initially hard to treat, and have emotional attachments. Why? People really want to believe they can be helped, so it is easier to persuade them to part with large sums of money. Stretch marks, back pain, and weight loss are classic areas that attract dishonest companies.

Of course, there are many treatments for PE that work – you just shouldn’t have to pay much for them.

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