Yet More Premature Ejaculation Treatments – Ayurvedic Herbal Cures

by Arnau

Every so often I do research on the web to see what new premature ejaculation drugs are being sold.

Today I found two from India: Confido and Neo. These are both Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) herbal medications and I have seen them recommended in many places, by doctors and others.

Confido herbal premature ejaculation cureConfido

(made by Himalaya – this is not the official site as it seems to be down)

This is actually designed to cure nocturnal emissions (which I never knew to be a problem!) but it can also be used to slow down ejaculation. It appears to calm the user in some way by reducing the anxiety associated with early ejaculation.

The dosage I have seen recommended is to take 1 tablet a day on an empty stomach with water. The product comes with further instructions to help in a sexual intercourse situation.


(made by Charak)

Neo is also prescribed to help with nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) and it even reportedly helps with night-time bladder control. The benefit of this over something like Priligy seems to be that it is non-habit forming. It also does not reduce the urge to actually have sex.

But Do You Really Need These?

I think the above medications may have their time and place, either in extreme cases of premature ejaculation, or as part of an overall strategy to overcome it.

If you are reading this, you are interested in lasting longer in bed so have you given yourself the chance to solve your premature ejaculation problem naturally?

A lot of men contact me for help with their PE issues. And I always recommend that they try my favorite book on the matter. Everyone who has got the book and followed its instructions, has let me know that it helped them in some way.

Plus it has a 60 day refund policy anyway so they have nothing to lose. If you are interested, see my review here.

Good luck!

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