What is Sustinex?

by Arnau

Sustinex (not to be confused with Sustenex – a digestive booster) is a branded form of generic dapoxetine. But, wait! Isn’t Priligy the branded form of dapoxetine?

Not exactly…

Priligy is the name for dapoxetine manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. The drug dapoxetine can be made by any pharmaceutical company who has the knowledge to make the drug using the information in the patent. Effectively they are licensing the recipe.

Whoever makes it, it is identical, apart from the brand name

Make sense?

So, while many forms of generic dapoxetine are essentially sold with no brand name, Sustinex is a specific brand created by Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Emcure is an Indian company, who make many ‘generic’ forms of popular drugs.

See the press release regarding the availability of Sustinex here.

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