Singapore: Priligy sells out in first month

by Arnau

Today Singapore news outlets are reporting that Priligy (Official name of Dapoxetine, made by Janssen-Cilag) has completely sold out in its first month of being available. Priligy was released in Singapore in March 2011 and enough stock was imported for 3 months.

Even though the pills are prescription only, and are around $30 each, the demand has been so strong from the men of ‘the fine country’, initial supplies only lasted until mid-April.

Luckily, for the busy guys of Singapore, stocks have since been replenished.

So, what does the amazing success of Priligy tell us? I think it tells us three things:

  1. If so many men were ready to buy this expensive drug, this tells us there were many men suffering in silence. Men traditionally never discussed Premature Ejaculation problems with doctors, because they believed it was a problem that could not be treated by medical persons. Studies have shown this, saying 77% of men with this issue, never seek treatment. So, now this pill is available, there is a clear, and rational reason to go to the doctor. Whether Priligy helped them or not, this is a good thing, since doctors are now able to discuss the problem with their patients, and offer them other types of treatments, too.
  2. Priligy has a positive effect on men and their sex life. While Janssen-Cilag would not release the sales figures in Singapore, we can only assume many customers bought more than one pack, and probably went back for more, when they saw it was working. So we can deduce that Priligy does help. More data will be emerging soon, as people start to discuss it more openly.
  3. People are willing to try drugs, even though there are other treatment options available. Keep in mind this drug is expensive (even though generic Priligy is available), yet men still bought a lot of it. This tells us that many men do not realise the other treatments available, such as natural ways of retraining yourself to avoid premature ejaculation.

If you’d like more information about Priligy please see this post: Priligy Facts.


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