“Don’t Numb Your Nuts, Numbnuts! (My Thoughts on Premature Ejaculation Spray)”

by Arnau

If you are one of the many men battling premature ejaculation, then you will have definitely heard about premature ejaculation sprays. Many premature ejaculation cures tell you that applying a numbing premature ejaculation spray to your penis is the way to go. It is NOT the only way, and it’s not even the best way to solve premature ejaculation. If you read the rest of this article, you’ll discover the reasons why it is actually a big disadvantage to you, and how you can start curing your PE today.

Penis numbing sprays (sometimes creams) were traditionally made from menthol or benzocaine. These days they are mostly made from lidocaine and prilocaine, which are commonly used anaesthetics. It’s likely your dentist has injected lidocaine into your gums when doing painful work.

Let me ask you: do you really want to put this stuff on your dick?

I don’t!

Let me tell you why premature ejaculation sprays are not worth the bottle they come in:

  1. These chemicals numbs your skin, so it is like wearing a condom: it makes sex less pleasurable. [Of course, sometimes you need to wear a condom (be careful, guys!)]
  2. Your partner may not appreciate the inside of them being exposed to anaesthetic chemicals. This also dulls their experience, and you don’t want to be associated with that, right?
  3. Some men are actually insensitive to it, i.e. you will still have full sensation in your penis. If you are one of these, then it’s just a waste of your money.
  4. In recent lab tests, these sprays only increased time to orgasm by less than 4 minutes.
  5. Many of these sprays have an effect that lasts for up to 12 hours. This means you will have a numb penis well into the next day!

As you can see, sprays and numbing creams are a crappy solution for curing premature ejaculation.

Let me tell you know, as someone who has read a LOT about PE, there are better ways. There is a course I found, which allowed me to prevent premature ejaculation for good. It is a book, available to download immediately, that teaches men a safe, natural way to stop premature ejaculation without sprays or any other crazy stuff. Click here for full details on this effective course (at a special discounted price).

Stay off the spray!

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