“Premature Ejaculation Survivor’s Secret: How to Get Real Premature Ejaculation Help and Avoid The Garbage”

by Arnau

I have seen premature ejaculation help websites saying things like ‘there is no known cure for premature ejaculation’. This is not true at all! If they are referring to the various pills, creams and sprays available, then sure. These are just temporary remedies. There is a cure that can be found within your own self, and can be mastered once you know the key techniques. If you read the rest of this article, you’ll discover just how simple it really is to control your orgasm.

Why Haven’t I Seen This Cure Elsewhere?

The truth is you’ve seen it… in pieces. If you spend hours and hours on Google, searching for all the topics surrounding premature ejaculation, you’ll come across a huge range of information.

Here’s the problem with that:

  1. 95% of the information is incorrect, repetitive, or sales-focused
  2. Search engines have trouble showing you the reputable information over the generic, junk info
  3. No one site gives you a comprehensive approach for dealing with premature ejaculation… at least not for free
  4. Many sites recommend products (like sprays and pills) that don’t work, and can even be dangerous to you and your partner

It’s exhausting. And you just want to stop your premature ejaculation and move on with your (sex) life!

I’ve been there. A couple of years back I badly needed premature ejaculation help. Being naturally curious, I did exactly what I described above; spending days and days trying to research and find information that I could use. I found information about ancient Chinese herbs, modern clinical penile ultrasounds, strange Indian lotions, stories about cheating wives, and so much more. It was very confusing and I gave up for a while. I continued having unsatisfying sex, and when I got to my lowest point, I honestly thought my girlfriend was going to leave me.

So I called a clinic and made an appointment. Unfortunately I pussied out at the last minute and didn’t show up. I just REALLY didn’t want to share that kind of information with some staff in an expensive clinic.

That night, depressed, I searched again. Funnily enough (I think it was the third site I found) there was a site I had not found before. It had a sample chapter from a book called the Ejaculation Trainer. It opened my eyes to three points I’d been missing

  1. Drugs, lotions, and spray-on solutions may extend sex duration a little, but they are a distraction from solving the actual problem.
  2. The cause of premature ejaculation doesn’t matter, the trick is to learn techniques that will make any man better in bed. It’s the double whammy approach – stop coming so fast AND satisfy your partner with your skills.
  3. There’s no single technique that will solve premature ejaculation – you need to have a thorough plan of attack – combining methods to control your mind, body AND internal chemical makeup. But it’s not as complicated as it sounds…

So as I see it – it’s simple. You can either keep wasting your valuable time, distracting yourself from solving the problem with piecemeal information and messy lotions. Or you can get a carefully designed course, walking you step-by-step to overcoming premature ejaculation. Plus, you can do this course in the privacy of your own home.

This is, hands down, the best information about premature ejaculation I ever found on the web, and is undoubtedly the best e-book you can get. Plus, it’s not even expensive! Click here to go now and see for yourself. The testimonials speak volumes.

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