“Don’t Put Up With it Any LONGER: This Premature Ejaculation Cure Works!”

by Arnau

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common sexual problem that men experience. It can happen at any age, and can come and go. It is very worrying for most men and has a HUGE impact on the quality of life of them and their partners. The good news is that there is a premature ejaculation cure available that gets excellent results. If you keep reading, you’ll discover why there is no reason why all of us men shouldn’t be able to last for twenty minutes, plus!

I am happy you’ve found this page, because I am about to tell you about a cure that has worked for me and many other guys. It’s simple, requires no chemicals or medication, and can get you results immediately (I mean tonight!) But first, I want to talk about all the other so-called ‘cures’ that have wasted millions of hours of PE sufferers’ time and have made us all feel even worse!

Numbing sprays or creams

These are applied to the glans (head of the penis) before sex. They can go inside a condom if necessary. These do work (well kind of) but have a number of drawbacks.

  1. You have to stop and spray a menthol-smelling on your dick before sex. Not so romantic, eh?
  2. They numb you, so sex is less pleasurable.
  3. They can numb your partners vagina! Not cool.
  4. In some cases they cause a burning sensation.
  5. They ‘work’, but in recent lab tests, they only delayed orgasm by less than 4 minutes.

The overall benefit does not cancel out the hassle of using these products.

Nasal Sprays

These are usually sold by private medical clinics, and allegedly can extend ejaculation by several minutes. You spray the substance into your nose once or twice, about 20 minutes before sex. A bit like that classic blue pill, right?

Again, I think these types of solutions severely fall short of ideal. Sex can’t always be planned, and who wants to tell your turned-on lady friend, ‘Sorry, can you just wait 20 minutes til my nose spray kicks in? There’s a good girl.’

Next there’s… Short-acting SSRIs (Anti-depressants)

You may have seen these marketed under the name Priligy, Paroxetine or Dapoxetine. These deal the hormonal aspect of PE. While they do work in many cases, I feel they are an extreme solution to a problem that is not actually that complicated if you know what to do. Also, in the studies I read: the increased time to ejaculation was only 2-3 minutes. Sure this is great but you are messing with your brain to get there.

New research is coming out all the time, proving the dangers of anti-depressants. In fact, a known side effect of SSRI’s is erectile disfunction. Imagine if you couldn’t even get it up in the first place! Bottom line is you shouldn’t be taking these drugs if it’s just your penis that’s depressed 😉

My Story

Enough of all that… I want to share my story quickly, in the hope that it will help someone get over this.

Premature ejaculation affected me in my early twenties for about a year or so. When it hit, I tried all kinds of changes to my behavior. During sex, I did the stop/start method and the mental pictures of sad, ugly scenes. Between sex sessions I tried jerking off a lot so I wouldn’t be as sensitive. I even tried imagining bad things about my partner. How weird is that?!

Much to my dismay, none of it helped. I didn’t try any of the drugs, sprays or creams because that was just too much like admitting I had a problem. Plus, I didn’t want to take any poorly tested, expensive drugs – not how I roll!

Even my partner, who was a very understanding girl, started to ask questions. It just didn’t make sense. I could tell she was disappointed after sex, because before this I used to last for as long as I wanted! It made me feel like a real loser and I started fearing sex.

Anyway, after a lot of reading I found the course I want to tell you about. Damn, I feel relieved even writing this now. It was a real godsend. It’s not a long course or anything. It’s a concise, well-written book, that explains all the reasons that cause PE. It then walks you through the techniques you need to follow in order to cure premature ejaculation naturally.

You don’t have to buy anything else – it’s all done by changing things YOU do.

The great thing about the approach that this course teaches is this:

  1. It’s natural and only focuses on changing your habits and behaviour using mental and physical control methods.
  2. It’s affordable! When I bought it, it was around $100. The author has had a turn of kindness and is now offering it for a discounted price.
  3. It allows you to keep this private and cure yourself at home.
  4. (This is the best thing) It will teach you how to control your ejaculation with a method that you partner won’t even notice. No stop/start. Waiting for sprays to work. Strange thrusting exercises. It’s all stealth. You can satisfy your partner – Ninja Style!!

If you are interested in finding out more about this excellent course, then click here to see the full details of your cure.

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