“Stop Looking For a Premature Ejaculation Clinic Now! Three Reasons You Don’t Need To Go.”

by Arnau

If you have been searching for premature ejaculation treatments, then no doubt you will have found ads and sites for specialist clinics. Premature Ejaculation Clinics do have their place in curing premature ejaculation. If you are the kind of person that needs to be lead by the hand through each step, and you have the money to spend, then they are the perfect solution. You should know how they work before you decide to go to one. If you read the rest of this article about premature ejaculation clinics you’ll discover three reasons why clinics may NOT be the answer to your prayers.

How Do Premature Ejaculation Clinics Function?

It usually goes like this:

1. You do a survey online or over the phone to check that you are a candidate for premature ejaculation treatment

2. They will schedule a first consultation with you in person.

3. At the first consultation they will gather the following information:

  • medical history
  • check-up to find any current health problems
  • psychological assessment (they are looking for signs of depression, anxiety, or distress)
  • penis check-up – this covers hormones, nerves and blood flow

4. They will prescribe a course of action. Clinics use a combination of:

  • Penile injections
  • Muscle control techniques (start/stop, Kegels, etc)
  • Anaesthetic sprays, creams or gels
  • SSRIs – Central Nervous System suppresants (similar to anti-depressants)
  • Herbal remedies – less common, but some clinics will prescribe herbs or supplements such as L-arginine

Here Are the Reasons Why You DON’T Need to Go to a Premature Ejaculation Clinic:

1) The process is made as long as possible (to justify the cost)

You will go through numerous consultations and different procedures, which includes interviews, psychological tests, and uncomfortable penile tests. Clinics operate in the usual Westernized medicine way: they diagnose every possible symptom before prescribing treatment. You may think, “This is the best way to know what is wrong! And at least I’ll know I don’t have any other health problems.. ” Sure, that’s true, but 99% of premature ejaculation cases can be solved with simple, non-medical methods, namely mental and physical control techniques.

So why go through this intensive experience as a first option? It’s cheaper, safer, and more private to try these methods BEFORE subjecting yourself to the intense clinic experience. Keep in mind, many treatment programs are up to 3 months in duration!

2) You have to strip down, and get poked and prodded

Common techniques used in a Premature Ejaculation Clinic are Biothesiometry and Ultrasounds. The first one is a big word for a test which checks that the proper nerve signals are able to travel through the shaft and head of the penis. The second one is used to check blood flow in the penis.

One of the more extreme treatments for premature ejaculation is the injection of vasodilator drugs (they cause blood to stay in the penis) into the spongy tissue of your penis. Side effects of this can be bruising, pain, scarring or an erection that won’t go away.

3) They focus on symptoms, and don’t focus on solutions

Western medicine in general is obsessed with finding the cause for a health problem. They think that if they know everything about the reasons for the symptoms, they’ll be able to easily treat it. This is really only one viewpoint.

How about investing time into methods that benefit any person, regardless of health? By this I mean, there are mental and physical control techniques that, when learned, will make ANY man a better lover. So why not try to learn these FIRST, because you really have nothing to lose!

Wouldn’t you like to save money, time and embarrassment? You should consider a clinic only after you have tried the techniques from a reputable course. If it still is not working, then perhaps you have some physical damage that needs deeper inspection. But this is unlikely! The truth is in 99% of cases, premature ejaculation is caused by mental and physical conditioning. So the good news is this can be reversed!

To find out how, you only need to spend a fraction of the costs of a clinic treatment. This will get you a fully comprehensive course that you can do in the privacy of your own home. Nobody needs to know!

Imagine this: one day you’re in bed with your partner and they are expecting the same old ‘short performance’. You harness the simple but effective techniques you have learned and WOW them to orgasm, again and again. You are in control and now you can satisfy any partner, no matter how demanding! Click here to start your training.

You’ll regain control in no time at all!

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