“PE Survivor Tells How To Last Longer In Bed: 3 Surefire Methods to Get YOU Coming Second”

by Arnau

It’s estimated that 30% of ALL men want to last longer in bed, but many of these men DO NOT seek help. Why is this? I think the main reason is that it’s embarassing and can be hard to admit that you have a problem. I mean, who wants to discuss this stuff with their doctor, really? Luckily there is a simple home course available which will get you lasting longer in bed with no drugs, creams, penis rings (ouch!) or crazy sex techniques. If you would like to learn how to last longer in bed, then read the rest of this article to get on board!

Make Like the CIA in the Bedroom… (Mind Control)

No, I’m not talking about hypnotizing your lady friend into believing you were doing it for 3 hours! I’m talking about controlling your own mind – your own mental state. You don’t need to drift away into dreamland, thinking of something horrific to stop your trigger firing. That just distracts you from pleasure. You need to learn the mental connection between your brain and your penis. It’s that simple.

If You Wanna Be a Tru Playa, You Has Gotta Make Dat Whore Moan… (Hormone Regulation)

OK, sorry, I know that joke is a little too pimp and just… wrong. But the key secret behind slowing down your ejaculation is making sure your pleasure hormones are properly balanced. And, hey, if you are an enthusiast of the ladies of the night, then once you complete this course, you’ll be getting way more BANG for your buck!

Quit Monkeying Around and Control Your Self… (Physical Control)

There are a bunch of moves us guys do in bed that are just for our pleasure. We get used to doing these when we’re first learning to have sex, but then we forget that there are other options. I’m not talking about doing pelvic floor exercises and thrusting in some weird way. You need to learn how to use your muscles effectively. These are the moves that will prolong your experience AND make your partner orgasm before you.

You know, there are a lot of reasons why overcoming premature ejaculation is something you should do today. If you’re in a relationship, it’s putting strain on it, and your partner is probably too shy to encourage you to do anything about it.

And if you are single… have you been in this situation? You go out, looking great and knowing its your chance to get laid. You’re working your game on a hot chick, but at the back of your mind you’re stressing out about coming in 30 seconds! Now that’s a perfect way to put you OFF your game for good. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all you were focused on was how sweet it will be to be pealing off those panties and feeling her hot breath on your neck.

Don’t delay (excuse the pun!) If you would like to stop premature ejaculation for good, I recommend getting this awesome course which leads you step-by-step in developing a formidable arsenal of techniques to beat premature ejaculation forever. Even better, it’s discounted right now! It’s been used by many men (including me!) to sort our shit out start fully enjoying sex again. Click here to get the #1 course on stopping premature ejaculation.

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