“Would You Like to Last Longer During Intercourse? I Bet SHE Would Love It!”

by Arnau

If your premature ejaculation problem is affecting your love life, you have probably read about, or even tried creams, sprays, mental techniques, and drugs. They didn’t work, did they? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this now! If you read the rest of this article about how to last longer during intercourse, I guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two you didn’t know about premature ejaculation.

The first thing is you are not alone. Far from it! About 3 out of 10, of ALL men, at many ages, experience premature ejaculation. So if 30% of us are affected, then there’s another 30% of the population who are also affected: our partners. That’s a lot of people! Most of use want to keep it to ourselves and so we try all sorts of crazy things to last longer during intercourse. Have you imagined you’re having sex with someone you find really hideous? Have you perplexed your partner by doing the stop/start dance? Have you taken SSRIs (anti-depressants) and found you actually lost your erection? It makes you exhausted just thinking about it.

The real key to lasting longer during intercourse lies in your own body and mind. It’s all about controlling your natural responses to getting aroused. You see, you have to hit it from all directions to really change your reactions and form a lasting habit of controlling and delaying your ejaculation.

I’ve found a fantastic book which delves into great detail to get you on the track to lasting longer. More on that soon. I wanted to share with you a quick tip. I want to show you the types of things you need to do to beat this problem.

Are you ready?

Think back to the last time you were having sex and you realized you were going to ejaculate at any second. How did your body feel? Try to remember the state of your muscles. Did you clench your butt? Did you involuntarily tighten your pelvic floor muscles (the ones that you can use to control your urine flow)? Was your neck tense? Your back? I am willing to bet you had tension somewhere. Am I right?

It would seem to STOP something coming out, you need to tighten, or close, the exit path. Right?

Not exactly…

The reason for premature ejaculation is NOT because you are too aroused. It’s because you are holding tension in your core, butt, and pelvic floor muscles. And this makes you overly sensitive. There are a number of ways to deal with this, and here is one of them:

When you feel the familiar tingle of the ejaculation starting. Relax everything. Take a deep breath and relax every muscle. Imagine your incoming breath traveling to all corners of your body and when it touches each muscle, it make it relax. Slow down your pace just a little and focus on making long, relaxed thrusts. You will find that letting everything go decreases the intensity you feel in your penis.

Now, here’s the thing: the most important muscles to be aware of are the pelvic floor muscles. These are smooth muscles that most people don’t have conscious control of. These muscles are responsible for causing the contraction which shoots out your semen. So let these go as loose as you can. This has an effect of backing off the impending orgasm. I know relaxing muscles to stop premature ejaculation is not what you’d expect. But.. it works because you are relaxing the very muscles that will cause your semen to come out.

Do me a favor, try it next time you’re in the situation described above. You can choose to tell your partner or not. But just try it. After all, what have you got to lose?

By the way, this will take a little practice, unless you are a yoga master, so I suggest trying it while masturbating. Get yourself nearly to climax, and then keep stroking, but while doing the relaxation technique described above. Secondly, if you can’t feel your pelvic floor muscles, try and tighten all the muscles around your genitals and anus. You can do this any time you are sitting around – nobody will notice! Over time you will start to feel the different muscles down there. The pelvic floor ones are the ones you can feel flexing between the base of your penis and your anus.

That’s just one simple technique you can use to delay ejaculation. I truly hope it helps you.

If you need more detailed help to last longer during intercourse, then I can recommend a fantastic book. It is a fully comprehensive e-Book, containing everything you need to stop premature ejaculation forever. Click here to see the full details about this life-saving book.

It’s time to take responsibility for your own ejaculation and start blowing your partner’s mind(s)!

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