Is Your Smoking Habit the Reason for Your Premature Ejaculation?

by Arnau

Most people know that smoking can eventually cause impotence. Nobody really talks about the fact that this same reason for impotence can cause premature ejaculation as well. Read on to find out what you can do about it.

Why does this happen?

It is not well known why this occurs, although the correlation between smoking and premature ejaculation has been proven. It appears that it is something to do with the effect of nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes upon the central nervous system.

Smoking damages our blood vessels, including those in the penis. A good, strong erection relies on enough blood getting to the penis. In a long-term smoker this does not happen, and thus many habitual smokers become impotent many years before they should (if at all.)

According to this article smoking also reduces the amount of semen produced, with smokers producing about half as much semen as their non-smoking counterparts.

Obviously, if you are experiencing premature ejaculation and you smoke – you are not doing yourself any favors.

What Can YOU do About It?

It’s simple!!!! You need to QUIT SMOKING!!

I know, I know. Screw you, Arnau! You can’t just say QUIT like it’s easy!

Yes I am well aware that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a person can do. I have friends who have been talking about quitting for 10 years. And have tried quitting each year and always start up again. I know why they failed, though.

None of them ever changed their core beliefs on smoking. This sounds hard, right?

But with hypnosis it isn’t. It can even take ONE session of only 30 minutes.

Let me tell you something else about hypnosis..

Since this blog is about premature ejaculation, I should comment that I personally have experience with using hypnosis to improve premature ejaculation symptoms. In this page I discuss my previous problem with premature ejaculation, but what I didn’t talk about was after I was able to last a while, I still had not much confidence about my sexual performance, and this sometimes caused me to come quickly, especially if I was feeling stressed out.

In my usual way, I did a lot more research on the web 🙂 In the end I found that using hypnosis to change self-beliefs was the way to go.

I actually bought a Paul McKenna book because he is a very well respected hypnotist. I know he’s good, but the book didn’t really get me fired up to change.

I usually like to learn from an audiobook or video course, so I looked around. I found this cool site online from the hypnotist Richard Mackenzie. He has a whole bunch of courses to help with everything from quitting smoking to stopping blushing (!) to becoming less jealous to.. yes you guessed it.. stopping premature ejaculation!

That is the course I bought and it really helped me cross that final bridge to feeling super confident in bed.

By the way, I chose Richard’s course because he was the most legitimate online counsellor I could find. He has a real clinic in Oxford, in the UK. And when you look him up you find great stories about how he helped people using hypnosis and NLP to drastically change their thought patterns.

You can find the entire range of Richard’s courses here. And here is the specific ones on:


I just had a look and all the courses are HALF PRICE right NOW!! That’s 50% off so they are only just over 20 Bucks! I would grab this now because they usually don’t run this special for long (I paid full price when I bought mine 🙁 🙂 !!)

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