“Insider Dishes the Dirt on Indian God Lotion: Just Another Premature Ejaculation Spray”

by Arnau

It’s not often I publicly criticize a product, but I came across Indian God Lotion the other day and I felt moved to post about it! Can you believe these guys actually sell ‘Penis Enlargement PILLS’? If you’d like to know the truth about Indian God Lotion (and products like it) then read the rest of this article.

This product has actually been featured in Maxim magazine (Feb 2000, page 164.) so I felt it was worth researching further. Not that popular magazines are reputable sources, but Maxim IS widely read (but then so is wiki pedia.) Oh let’s not forget, the ‘article’ could have been a paid placement. Anyway, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, since, guess what…. it’s also sold on Amazon.com (see it here)!!

In the ‘article’, the results of the test (with a single couple) saw the man’s ejaculation time jump from 59 seconds to lasting longer than 30 minutes. It was only a single test, with just one couple, but let’s look at those results. The guy couldn’t come. Now, that’s NOT the intended outcome, is it? We still want to come, we just want to DELAY it!

How Does Indian God Lotion Work?

Indian God Lotion Bottle

The Indian God Lotion container

The active ingredient is something called Radic Asari, which, in a Google Search, suspciously only shows up on sites promoting Indian God Lotion. I did some more digging, and it’s more commonly known as ‘Herba Asari Cum Radic‘ (lol @ cum), which is a type of Chinese wild ginger (not the type you find in your local market.) In the book I found Radic Asari mentioned, it prescribed it as a treatment for what sounded like Prostatitis! (This is an inflamation of the prostate.) It did not mention anything about delaying ejaculation. I looked further and found that it was studied as a pain killer and did prolong pain reaction time in the lab mice. So it seems, that this herb could be effective in dulling the sensation in your penis.

So If it CAN Desensitize, then Why am I not impressed with Indian God Lotion?

There are many reasons…

Apart from the magic ginger, it contains perfume. They claim that even if a girl goes down on you, she will not taste the Indian God Lotion. Have you ever kissed a girls neck, right on the spot that she sprayed her perfume? It tastes terrible! That shit does NOT wash off your tongue for hours!

Like we saw in the Maxim test above, this stuff totally kills your chance of having an orgasm. In fact, the product’s own website claims that ejaculation may be delayed for up to 12 hours! I think not being able to come for 12 hours is an overkill solution. Delaying for an hour or so will be enough to satisfy most situations.

This is not specific to Indian God Lotion, but ALL of these sprays just suck because of the lead time you need. Indian God Lotion needs to be applied AT LEAST 60 minutes before sex. OK, this is possible when you’ve planned a night of sex with your wife, but how the hell do you integrate it into a spontaneous fling with a minx you met in a nightclub? It’s just not convenient enough.

On the bottle, you’ll see these warnings:

  • Keep away from Heat or Flames.
  • Keep out of the reach of Children.
  • Do not use if you or your partner are allergic to local anesthetics.
  • Do not use if the skin is cracked or inflamed.
  • Do not use if your partner is pregnant.

Now, does something that needs THOSE warnings sound like something you want ANYWHERE near your penis??

To top it off, I did some reading about Indian God Lotion and found several stories where users reported a burning sensation on their penis AND inside their partner’s vagina. OUCH!!

OK, I want to be fair. I am not saying this product DOESN’T work – I am simply saying that it is ineffective. It is not a long term, or preferable solution to premature ejaculation. Perhaps these types of sprays are worth having around (it’s only $10) for emergencies, but please don’t believe the sales hype. They are NOT going to solve your premature ejaculation problem. It’s just a band-aid fix. And a messy one at that!

I am telling you now. The ONLY method for curing premature ejaculation that really works is a natural one, which uses your own mind and body to control your impulse to come quickly.

If you would like to join the many thousands of men who have overcome their premature ejaculation problem once and for all, then do yourself a BIG favor and read more about this book. The book is a no-BS course which will prepare your mind and body to control your PE issues. The author is running it at a discounted price right now (but, who knows for how long?) so stop messing with sprays and click here to go and get it now.

Or.. go ahead and buy Indian God Lotion now… 🙂 Let my readers and I know how it went for you.

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